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This site does not run ads nor do we produce any subscription content. For now, the site is supported entirely by the donations from Real Engineering fans like you. If you would like to support Real Engineering, please consider pledging to our Patreon campaign. We do publish early revisions and updates on the company and treat the feedback we get from the Patreon community with a great amount of respect, we'd love for you to be part of that! 


p.s for the love of god we need to get a new picture on this page. I look fecking demented.



Who Is Real Engineering?

Thank you for visiting the Real Engineering website!

If you have got this far you’re probably already familiar with my YouTube channel, Real Engineering. So,  let's talk about some things you may not know. My name is Brian McManus and I'm an engineer from Galway, Ireland. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and a Master's in Aeronautical Engineering.

My journey with Real Engineering started in early 2016, after saving for 2 years, I quit my job as a Product Manager in the Oil & Gas Industry to pursue my dream of being a YouTuber. My goals for the year were simple:

  • Create a place to share the incredible stories of the men and women who have worked to make  this world a better place.
  • Inspire others to follow their steps
  • Make it my full-time job.

I believe I succeeded these goals and this website represents the next step in the Real Engineering journey. Over the next year I will be expanding the site and hopefully hiring my first full time employees to bring you even more of the content you love.